Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

Retired from work; making friends and contacts to spread good will.

Currently employed at Civil Service, Bank of Ireland

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    I like to make more friends and contacts; I am now retired from active work and I have more time to write. . I am interested in most subjects worldwide such as international events. I went on holidays to Spain 4 times and once we did a day visit to Morocco and I became interested in the culture as some people think the Irish people came from that region. I have some knowledge of the history of that region and it is nice to have contact with persons living there. I have also visited Thailand many times as I like the culture there and the friendship of the people. Ireland is similar to these countries as many of our people like the simple life and meeting people from abroad. I am retired now and I like writing about international affairs, doing research, writing commentaries and corresponding with others on the internet about world affairs. The middle east has been having much trouble for years now and there seems no end to the conflict there, which has created much death and suffering and millions of innocent refugees. I think the Arab nations need to be more involved in bringing peace to their Arab brothers and sisters in the troubled area and the Imams of the Muslim belief should also try and talk with the rebels to bring peace, as the innocent are suffering.



At Civil Service

From October 2000 to Present
Company Registry Office Staff representative, Health and Safety

Bank Official

At Bank of Ireland

From February 1963 to Present
I have worke for most of my working life; for 23 years in a bank and for 8 years as a civil servant


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