Galway Business School

Galway Business School
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Salthill Galway

11 alumni

Galway Business School, Galway : 11 alumni

Galway Business School

Louis de Longvilliers

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor in Business Management
Teddy Massias
Commercial, TOSCA
Bachelors Business & Management
Marketing, Management, Finance, stratégie d'entreprise....
Guillaume Rouyer
Galway Business School - Advanced Diploma in Business
Advanced Diploma in Business
- Customer Service Management - Strategic Management
Flavien Picazo
Ingénieur commercial apprenti, Telindus
Bachelor of honour in Business Aadministration Management - I created a, understanding in economic and companies world. I learned to develop practical solutions to real problems and effective communicate information, ideas and solutions. I developed my ability to critically analyse and comprehend the latest thinking and best busines practice. In this class , i had the opportunity to realise an r
GRUYELLE Charlotte
Account Manager, Clever Mice
Justine Levos
Justine levos
Bachelor of Business Aadministration Management - Average: 2.1
Benoit Marchand
Tier 2 Software Support Team Supervisor, PGi
BA Honours Business and Management
Stratégie, management, finance, marketing et business international.
Change Management, Revevol
Sophie Besombe
Assistance Communication SNCF
Business, Management, Marketing
Chef de projet webmarketing
Bertrand Aufort
J.M Weston
Bachelors Degree
Diplômé du Bachelor Business Management and Administration à Galway Business : Formation Economie Finance, Marketing, Management (Bac +3)