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University College Dublin, Dublin : 233 alumni

University College Dublin

Christophe Benoit

Master I
International Law
Hervé Perret
Etude de la foresterie en Irlande
Ciaran Conway
Majors; Food Science and Chemistry
Isabelle Mazzaro

Courses followed : - Global Cold Chain Safety : Study of a cold chain, means, its development, project : definition of the cold chain to set up for the export of Parma ham - Regulation of Food Safety : Study of international and European food law, case study, personal analysis project on GMO legislation - Case Studies in Food Contamina : Study of different health food scandals in the worl
Keith Carron
What's your investment strategy?
Bachelor of Commerce
3.94/4.20 Exchange semester spent at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Kevin della Pace
Barman, O'Sullys
Client Service Program Manager, Business Talent Group
Delphine El-khassawneh
Nessa Mcdermott
Formatrice consultante, English@Work
Teresa Mccarthy
Nadine Chetty
Founder, Tribes Incorporated
Zeynep Gurakan
Managing Director, Hedgeserv
Healthcare Research Associate, Gerson Lehrman Group
Darragh Finn
Senior compliance Manager, BMO Global Asset Management
Masters Degree in Commercial Law
Bachelor of civil law Masters in Commercial law
Paul Coyle
Marketing Manager, Waterford Technologies
Europe Cloud Services Enablement, IBM Global Services
Breffni Martin
Director, Regintel Ltd
Deborah Donohoe
Lead Recruiter, Pivotal
Cyril Vanbaelinghem
Traducteur indépendant - Anglais et Allemand vers Français
Chargée de recrutement, Altran France
Anais Drihem
Master 1 en Ingénierie pour la santé
Semestre d'échange en Irlande
Cours de 3ème année de licence spécialité mécanique et électronique en anglais
Claire Guillaumin Gillot
Senior Legal Counsel, Gemalto
LLB of law
International law, contract law, tort law, IP
Marketing Specialist, Law Firm in Ireland
Laurence Michaud
Chargée d'accueil, Association Ars Anima
Stephen Fuery
Marketing Executive, TCAS Online
Tom Walsh
Business Development, Aspire Technology